Benefits of High Protein Milk


High Protein Milk – Its impact in transforming people’s lives

Protein is one of the most vital nutrients that are necessary for sustaining lives. Consumption of protein is required on a daily basis in order to allow our body to function properly. Starting from having salutary effects in preventing bone decays to preventing breakdown of muscle tissues, protein can help an individual in building strong bones and slowing digestion. By slowing digestion, protein can allow an individual to feel satisfied despite eating less and this prevents build-up of excess body fat. Different people require different amounts of protein depending on age, lifestyle choices, gender and many more. Milk is indeed the richest source of protein that is available to us.

One such high protein milk that is essential for our lives is Shape Up. People’s lifestyle choices are changing at a rapid rate today. More people now work out and look out for possible ways to stay fit. For this reason, they need to consume a very high amount of protein for proper nourishment. As the name “SHAPE UP” suggests, it can give people the proper body structure that people desire to maintain. It is indeed the number one source of High Protein Milk available in Bangladesh with proven results.

Having at least 2 glasses of Shape Up per day is very essential to me due to the high intensity of exercise that I do and the number of hours of tennis that I play. In a single day at tennis, I train for 2 hours and play 4-5 sets following training. In the last 2 days of the week, I work out in the gym and in each day, I do 3-6 sets of strength and power training using instruments. In such a situation where I am very much vulnerable to account for muscle cramps, it is strongly recommended for me to have more than 100 grams of protein daily. Drinking 2 glasses of Shape Up allows me to recover my body quickly and let me recharge for the next activities of my life. Not only do I get the amount of protein that I require, but I am also very strongly benefitted from maintaining lean muscles and preventing weight gain. For anyone like me, the benefits from high protein milk are simply stupendous. 

In my personal opinion, it is our responsibility to ensure that our trusted consumers are benefitted from obtaining the nutrients that are essential for life in sufficient amounts at affordable prices. It is entirely up to the consumers to choose whichever nutritional items they feel appropriate for themselves depending on their preferences and daily budget. But we aim to make sure that they do not suffer from information asymmetries!