About Us

Our guiding approach is to maintain ‘zero’ tolerance to protect the natural goodness of dairy and any product we produce for our valued consumers. We seek for the best, be it machine, materials or people working behind. Our brands reflect the taste of purity and novelty.


We are fortunate to partake in an industry that requires utmost honesty, dedication, innovation and wonderful people. Our industry is diversified across brands, categories, channels and skills; a thriving industry with strong relative growth within the consumer-packaged goods space. Our company is uniquely positioned to offer excellent products that are safe and healthy. 

We are the pioneer in this country to offer Therapeutic brands in dairy product range. 

As the country's leading dairy company, we have the country’s most valuable brand portfolio, delighting our consumers, thanks to our nearly 250 distributors across the country. And yet, after nearly 27 years of nurturing this business, we still have ample room to grow. 

In 2014 we extended our product creation boundary to drive accelerated growth for our company and value for our shareowners. Since then, we have been successfully capturing market share from Culinary and Snacks industry. 

We are excited to capitalize on the growth potential we see in front of us. We believe in the strength of our system, the continued growth of the food and beverage industry, and the actions that we are taking to win in coming days.