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Founder Chairman of the company is a significant part of our board of management.

Mr. Hossein has a vast experience of over 20 years working in top positions in various reputed companies. He is a pioneer in marketing sector of both medicine & textile industry. He is a prominent industrialist in Bangladesh, and a leading distributor of Textile Chemicals in native market. He holds the sole distributorship of dying chemical from CIBA, Switzerland. Mr.Fazley Hossein is a graduate in the Arts discipline from Dhaka University. He is a former Pakistan Air Force Officer.

He runs Textile Industries which produce camouflage prints for the Bangladesh Army among other items. He is Chairman of Magnet Trading Co. Ltd., sole distributor of CIBA, Switzerland. He has business interests in Bangladesh and the USA. He has stock interests in Blue Chip companies of Bangladesh. He is Chairman of New Zealand Dairy Products, Bangladesh Ltd. He, as Chairman heads different co-operative & charitable institutions.