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Poppers is a crackers brand manufactured and marketed by New Zealand Dairy Products Bangladesh Limited. It is produced using the best quality raw materials and state of the art technology.

Poppers has a unique good taste complimented by its two variants Corn coconut & Bar-B-Q. Corn coconut puff is made with corn, coconut, milk & butter which delivers buttery sweet taste. Bar-B-Q puff is made with corn, vegetable oil, butter & spice which delivers a spicy bar-b-q taste.

We use state of the art technology for Manufacturing Poppers raw materials to finished goods are fully automated and all raw materials are procured from selective sources. In addition to that, No added flavor, preservative & color is used in this product. So Poppers is a very healthy choice for crackers.


Key Points About the Brand:

  • Unique taste
  • First Corn-Coconut based product in market
  • State of the art automated manufacturing process
  • Produced using high quality raw materials

SKU: 25gm