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Doodles Stick Noodles

Doodles Stick Noodles is a new addition to the NZDP’s product basket. It is an economic solution for serving your entire family with a bowl full of unique tastes.  It’s soft and non-sticky noodles strands and a bit of magical touch of your cooking art helps to serve up exceptionally delicious noodles. Automated technology and high-quality raw materials are used to ensure the best quality Stick Noodles for your family.

It’s available in two pack size – 180gm and 300gm. For your convenience, the 300gm pack is designed in bundle form and packed in a reusable zipper pouch so that after using the required quantity you can keep the rest of the product intact.

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Key Points About the Brand:

  • Tasty and economy snacking solution for the whole family
  • Attractive zipper pack with inner bundle (300gm)
  • State of the art automated manufacturing process
  • Produced using high-quality raw materials