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Doodles Instant Noodles

DOODLES is a noodles brand manufactured and marketed by New Zealand Dairy Products Bangladesh Limited. Best quality materials and state of art are the prime attributes in production of the noodles.

Doodles instant noodles has uniquely good taste complimented by its two variants – Masala and Chicken Curry. Masala has a mild flavor of spices whereas Chicken Curry is a unique combination of both chicken and spices. In addition, Doodles instant noodles are served in 72g pack which has been determined considering the standard noodles consumption amount.

Enriched with Protein, Iron, Iodine, Calcium and some other essential nutritious elements, DOODLES instant noodles helps to satisfy your hunger keeping the nutritional values intact. It is a healthy and tasty solution to your Appetite.

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Key Points About the Brand:

  • Unique taste
  • Biggest Noodle Cake (72gm)
  • State of the art through automated manufacturing process
  • High quality raw materials are ensured.

Variant: Masala, Chicken Curry

SKU: 72gm, 288gm, 576gm