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Anchor is a “Fortified Instant Full Cream Milk Powder”, specially formulated for child’s growth with 30 + important nutrition. It helps to develop child’s brain, body and bones. It contains 28.8% milk fat which brings a creamy texture and better tastes.

Anchor is a product of Fonterra, New Zealand; the global leader in milk powder manufacturing and distribution. Fonterra stands with a vision “to bring the natural source of dairy nutrition for everybody, everywhere, everyday”. Anchor is available with the same sole brand name, throughout the world.

New Zealand Dairy Products Bangladesh Ltd. is distributing Anchor here in Bangladesh. Anchor has an old heritage in satisfying the needs of child’s nutrition. Now Anchor is available in every corner of Bangladesh in 3 different sizes- 1kg, 500g & 350g.



Brand Proposition: Proven Nutrition

Key Points About the Brand:

  • Fortified instant full cream milk powder.
  • 30+ Important nutrition.
  • Enriched with 28.8% milk fat.
  • Helps to develop child’s brain, body and bones.
  • A product of Fonterra, New Zealand.
  • New Zealand’s best milk.
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SKU: 350gm, 500gm, 1kg