We're a global dairy nutrition company united by a fundamental belief in the power of dairy to make a difference.


Your dessert expert

Diploma makes desserts that linger on your taste buds

Red Cow Nutrified

Assurance of purity and premium quality fresh milk

Red Cow is a rich source of holistic nutrition for children trusted by millions of families


Love your bones, prevent osteoporosis

High calcium milk powder that Helps prevent bone decay to lead an active life.

Shape Up

Soaring in the after 30 glory!

Low fat milk supplement filled with High protein.

Farmland Super

Affordable dairy nutrition

An affordable, vitamin-enriched, dairy-based ingredient

Farmland Gold

Goodness in every sip.

Affordable all-purpose full cream milk powder


Pure milk for delicious desserts and baked goods

Sweetmeat, yogurt made with Farmland will infuse you with the luscious taste

Red Cow Butter Oil

The secret ingredient to make the meal extra special

The purity of Red Cow Butter Oil adds a unique and appetizing taste to your meal

Doodles Instant Noodles

Delectable taste that brings kids to the dining table

With all nutritional benefits, Doodles Instant Noodles is a quick & tasty solution to kid’s hunger

Doodles Stick Noodles

Easy to prepare and economy snacking solution for the whole family

A mouth-watering bowl of piping hot Stick noodles is a perfect gift to serve up entire family


Tasty snack with healthy attribute

Poppers is one of the healthiest crackers you can have, with no added flavor, preservatives or color.


The triangle of taste you cannot escape!

Made from the best quality corn, Detos is your healthy snack time partner.

Spicy Potato Sticks

Potato, spice and everything nice

Made from the healthiest of potatoes, spicy potato sticks will spice up your senses.

Krackers King

Excitement within

Rock the party , add life to the hangout


Rejoice in the taste of goodness in every bite

Crispy wafer and crunchy texture of Toi Moi gives you a delightfully indulgent treat


Twisted crackers to make every party grand

With its rich taste and premium quality Yokozona will make your parties memorable

BelleAme Cremo

BelleAme Energy Go

BelleAme Digestive